3 Nights Only!!
October 27, 28, 29

William and Cara McRea would arrive in St Augustine, Jan 2007. In Oct of 2007 would be the start of what would eventually morph in to SPOOKTACULAR.

As a Professional Magician - Halloween always had a special place in our lives, for both Cara and I. 2007 - 2021, for almost every year we would build a magical place in our yard to share our love of Halloween. 2018- 2021 the crew of the ST Augustine Swashbucklers truly began the extra steps to make it a truly memorable neighborhood experience. But Alas it was becoming Bigger, Better and full of more Halloween magic and the time to take it to the “big time” was at hand.

2022 Spooktacular was born and would be a 3 day family friend Halloween Haunted that would be open to the entire community. This event like OCPF would donate all profitable proceeds to the charities supported by the St Augustine Swashbucklers. In 2022 in 3 evenings at only 3 hours per evening, over 700 attendees would enjoy the fun Halloween displays. From Mermaids to Giant Spiders, a Skeleton horse and carriage, a cemetery, with even a touch of real history, was on display. There was even a life size Pirate ship with a crew of 26 skeletons, some of the bravest of all scoundrels upon the high seas.

2023 is already shaping up to have several new haunts added to the ones from last year. 

OF course an event of this magnitude is only successful with the support of great sponsors. Will you be on of the sponsors to join our ranks in 2024? hit the sponsorship page right here and join our journey.

Last years sponsors 

Photos From the Event