Wayne Test

In 2016, a discussion about bringing back a pirate festival to the oldest city in the nation began to grow momentum among the crew members of the St Augustine Swashbucklers. From that discussion, dates were picked for the event in 2017, January 27, 28, & 29 and the 1st annual Old City Pirate Fest (OCPF) commenced on the grounds of the Colonial Quarter Experience.

Its purpose was to create an event that would be educational, fun, and family friendly. It was a two and a half day event that although was small, still made a profit, all of which was given to local charities in our community.

The event would grow in participation for it’s 2nd annual event in January 2018 but an oncoming storm would cut one day from the event. But, as pirates, we weathered thru and even though one day was lost, to our surprise, the profit of the 2nd Annual OCPF for a one and a half day event was just as strong as the first year’s two and a half day event.

This would change the 3rd annual (2019) and 4th annual (2020) to just one and a half day events each year and both these years were just as strong . The structure of the event had been proven worthy for four solid years.

Then the world is rocked by a global pandemic which would bring to a halt OCPF in 2021 and 2022.

The crew would regroup and test the waters in Jan 2023 for OCPF. It was kept small, but successful, with new vendors, sponsors, crew mates, and entertainers. The Support for OCPF after a two year hiatus was still strong with support from the community which enabled the crew of the St Augustine Swashbucklers to continue the donations to INK, SAYS, the Humane Society, Aylas Acres, and Safe.

2024 will begin the new future of OCPF, moving the weekend for the event, which has traditionally been the last weekend of January. Now, in 2024 OCPF will be moving to the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th of February with even more Entertainers, Fun, Music, and still family friendly. A new addition to the event will be educational seminars.

Be watching as the plans begin to unfold for Old City Pirate Fest February of 2024.